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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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mcnuggets. >> great job. bill shultz you suck, joe, great job. please come bac greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> best friend is suing you for $600 million. >> facebook's founder of the world's rich he is men among the least known. >> zuckerburg is not a public figure not a celebrity. most people using facebook have never heard of him. that's going to change because of the movie. >> is the movie about him true? >> the movie whether it's good or bad i don't know i haven't seen it. but people who watch that they will come to their own conclusions. >> why did he run away from it? >> come on. come on.
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>> tonight exploring the 26 yeefrld internet billionaire changing the world. with 30 million players. >> it's a great use for us to watch football and take time to investigate our players make sure we are fully committed as football enthusiasts. >> is it the new internet porn? >> we play in our other offices. >> are yuppies board with their job. >> addicted to fantasy football. >> the fact that your campaign two weeks ago was talking about this issue the fact -- >> grower yaw got more attention than the deficit. >> nicky an undocumented worker was employed by whitman for nine years until she was fired her in june, 2009. nicky alleged whitman knew by
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2003 or before that date that she and her husband dr. harsh were employing an undocumented worker. >> somehow it ends up in jerry brown's hands or gloer r glorias hands. she comes clean on whether she works forgery brown. >> he made a career out of insults. jerry springer george hamilton. the devil signed so many deals with you people he has carpal tunnel syndrome. the strange world of celebrities. >> giant white woman and a bunch of black dudes. i feel like we are doing one of those baby's daddies show on the mauer repo vich show. >> i want to know why you send your goons after my daughter. i want to know. >> love child, death threats, hookers, affairs. big lines. devil worship. are today's candidates being given a pass as long as they say
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they will cut taxes? >> there's a love child involved someone who dabbled in witchcraft. these are things that would probably make the difference in an election in any other economy other than the one we have right now. >> up front tonight is it the beginning of the end of politics as we know it? >> you send another goon to my daughter's house i will take you out. >> i will take you out. didn't the candidate for governor threaten to kill that reporter fred dicker. he would be what he has been in the previous races a laughing stock, a marginal candidate revealed as intem pratt, uncouth unfit to hold the empire state's highest office. this ladies and gentlemen is not any other election year. welcome to the show everybody. i am geraldo rivera. this is the year of the tax payer revolt. check out these real clear politics polls. just two weeks ago the opponent new york attorney general andrew
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cuomo led by insurmountable 33 points. 59 about 3 to 26 about -- 26.3 for pal dino. he is ahead by 11 and a half points. surging 39.8 percent which leads to my main talking point tonight. whatever else the particular candidate might be if they are pro tea party anti incumbent anti tax if they are anti president obama warts and all they are going to be competitive in the 2010 midterm elections. just a month away before we get to our hot to trot panel you will see what i mean before i introduce them it includes a presidential mistress and manhattan madam that brought down the last governor of new york. first here is craig. >> i have a daughter, too, fred.
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>> stay away from me fred. >> the infamous confrontation that has paladino in a head lock. >> i want to know why you send your goons after my daughter. >> i want to know, fred. i want to know about it. >> paladino counters cuomo cheated on his wife when they were married but later recanted. >> what's the evidence? you made the charge. >> you send another goon to my daughter's house i will take you out buddy. >> you will take me out? how are you going to do that? >> eric bowling seems to think sex scandals don't have the impact they once did. >> i think with 14 and a half million people out of work in america and taxes are due to go up substantially there's a love child involved or someone dabbled in witchcraft, these are things that will probably make the difference in an election in any other economy other than the one we have right now.
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>> he is now seen as an outside threat. >> there are people that would say i don't care what he does in his personal life i want my taxes to go down i want to clean house get change in albany. >> even former new york love dove eliot spitzer he resigned for frequenting prostitutes is talking about it. >> as crazy as he appeared to be portrayed as being a little rough around the edges that's what the public wants right now. >> other money verses morality senator david witti vitter. >> it came public when he appeared on the dc madam phone list. >> a tv expo say. >> this time unforgotten crimes. >> a candidate has rebounded in the polls condemning bank bailouts and near blanket criticism of obama's policies. charlie mel enthong rereleased
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the ad with little effect. even female candidates have survived accusations of infidelity. gubernatorial candidate nicky haley. >> i have been faithful to my husband for 13 years. >> no smoking guns no scandals. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i don't respond to these lies. >> sex scandals have caused lives. >> i am a gay american. >> we want jobs. >> now it may be no jobs and higher taxes. >> i gitsz for now people are willing to look aside at some of the scandal going on and really get their candidate that is going to help with the economy. >> what is the current position andrew cuomo cheated on his wife
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or not? >> he says he's fighting fire with fire. his back is against the wall with tz revelation about his love child. he is not saying that in fact he had the affairs but he is saying at the proper time we had to come out with the information. he hasn't let go of the scandal yet. >> you sound very mccarthiesque to me. although his style is definitely winning votes it is clear from this poll this guy is searching. no doubt about that. let me introduce our guest panel tonight beginning with the incomparable jennifer flowers. high jennifer. nice to see. she glamed a 12 year aw 12 -- c year affair. kristen davis from our studio
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the woman behind one of the successful prostitution wings ever until she was busted when it was revealed among her famous johns was one named governor eliot spitzspitzer. are you running for governor yourself? >> i am. i am on the ballot for november. >> what party is that? >> anti prohibition party. >> republican strategist formerly a senior staffer for george b. wush or juan williams. fokz news analyst and senior correspondent for npr. juan let me ask you seriously what about this willingness to for give personal trespasstresp? isn't this year more open-minded let's say and less judgmental even about relatively serious
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situations like love children and all of the rest? >> there was a pew pole that came out that indicated that close to 60 percent of americans want a candidate who will not compromise. they are so furious they think the system is broken if the system is not serving them and they have a lot of liars and cheaters in terms of people who will not report their taxes those who owe back taxes and i think right now people want someone who will throw everything out baby bath water, it's like that guy in that movie there who says i am mad at hell that's the voter. he has trouble but what the hell. let's go with paladino because he is not the guy in the establishment.
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brad, do you think that this issue, this one issue, this anti obama issue is like the new litanos test. is this like your stamp on abortion if you are for obama or against obama? >> i think it's not only obama because he's the leader of the party but also the democratic party. we are not the party of no. we are the party of hell no we should be proud of it because what we are standing up gerns the american people are coming over and saying we don't like the change this president has given us and we hope there is change in washington not the change democrats have given us. it's a new dawn. >> you know the republican party is less popular than the democratic party in congress. they are running as republicans.
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they are informed the party there is a no one tea party there's a leader of the tea party. whether they take the house the senator or both is a revolt against the obama administration and democrats led this country. >> you let the establishment republicans talk about sharing angle and about it talk about christine o'donnell in delaware even the extent they talk about some of the candidates that we now see that are doing well rand paul in tennessee. you understand republican establishment doesn't want them. remember they didn't want these guys, they have had to accommodate the energy of the tea party and the tea party is angry as much as the republican establishment. you can't get away from scandals like larry craig and the bathroom in the minnesota airport. >> the republican establishment better listen. they could be just as out of touch as the democratic ones. >> that's my point. >> you are running for governor but if you are not going to win
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which would you endorse? karl paladino the rough around the edges guy or andrew cuomo the son of the three time beloved governor of new york mario cuomo the attorney general rale of the united states? >> i endorse paladino he is a little rough around the edges. >> so you are willing to give his love child and they talk about lying, but -- >> sure it is out in the open. he is part of the career politicians and the establishment here which is run the state into the ground. i think that's a very important point. >> jennifer, do you think people respond to sex as much as they did? i tell you that's the cliff hanger. jennifer flowers the former mistress of president bill clinton will respond to whether or not sex scandals have more or less weight than they did during
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the day when she was messing with the big boss, but that will come much more with our panel. dude's bare knuckle politics.ñ÷
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>> continuing with our live debate with former clinton mistress jen you have flowers manhattan madam kristen dav dav brad blake man and fox news's own juan williams. how has life been for you in the post clintonian years. actually what do you think of clinton's reemergence. he is also is 68ed by the scandal he endured or enjoyed with you. >> you just answered your question about is there any difference today verses 20-years ago when my scandal happened? no, i don't think so. his emergence i think that both
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parties use people as they need to and as is appropriate for them and their own needs. i think people are upset at obama for example for not paying attention tore what they want. they are voting and responding to their tocchet book finally. i think they could careless about sex scan sdals. they might about richery thing. that's a different thing all together. >> that's a definition of youthful satanism. >> that could matter. obviously she is still doing well. it hasn't really hurt her yet. as far as the sex scandal no i don't think they make a difference. >> is it important to you? are you a tea party person. >> i am a tea party person. i would say it does matter to me. i believe that goes into the character issuing issue and int
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and so on. i have had a tough time in the last 20-years. i have had wonderful things happen. i have not come out as wealthy and on top as hillary clinton. >> why do you think you made more money from being such a central figure and scandal. >> you did penthouse? >> i did penthouse, yes. >> i think that it is different for women. i think there's a big double standard in how we are treated verses men. >> you believe you are being judged how? >> i deal with this every day of my life as long as the good lord allows me to be on this earth. >> are you embarrassed by it? >> i might have done things better if i had 2020 eye sig 20. people don't know me personally. >> what we know about you we
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like. >> why should she be embarrassed? shouldn't it be him? >> he was married at the time. >> as far as how many million people here in the state and much like eliot spitzer who was responsible for 18 plus million people. >> i think it's ridiculous that he be put in any position to have any input over what people are thinking. americans believe in redemption which is great but you cannot be redeemed unless you have first been punished. >> he lost the governorship. >> he is the chief executive officer of the state who committed a crime. what precedence does that keep in new york. what do you think happened since then? >> they are new york politicians who have fallen to scandal ladies and gentlemen. our state has had quite a run. you are not still in the business are you? >> no. i am not probation. >> you want to make a
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prediction? will the tea party run out of steam? >> no. i don't think they will run out of steam. they are incumbent to get them back in our tent.
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>> i am doing this because i know there are a lot of men out there who are mistre mistreatin nikkis in a work so hard for them. >> the fact that your campaign two weeks ago was talking this issue the fact that you are joined at the hip with gloria allred it is a political stunt. >> what happened here? you are the one who falsely defamed this woman by saying she stole your mail.
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turned out not to be true. >> meg whitman's campaign is trying to de escalate the fact that she blamed her. her campaign man der saying it's some sleazy old political trick from a sleazy old politician ends quote. as you heard my next be guest i company conspirator along with brown. gloria of course a famed attorney in this case representing former whitman housekeeper nicky diaz. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. the illegal status now customs and immigration will have no recourse but to go after her? >> i am not her immigration attorney. i cannot comment on what the status of that issue is. i will say this. she is very courageous because she understood the risks that she was taking in speaking out
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about what she suffered during her employment with meg whitman. she decided she wanted to take those risks anyway because she felt it was important to tell the truth as she saw it from her place of employment. >> you did work forgery brown the last time around back in the 90s. are you connected in any way, shape or form? did you have conversations prior to the press conference with governor brown or any of his associates? did you telegraph to them secretly what your intention was in the nicky diaz press conference? >> it is not correct that i have ever worked forgery brown. i have never received any payment i have never been a consultant. i volunteered with jerry brown 35 yearing ago when i was waiting for results. i drove around a few times and advance work in that way.
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i have never worked forgery brown. i have not spoken to him geraldo. maybe a year or two ago both standing in a line at the airport. >> you have no interfaith with t -- interface with the gro brow campaign after the conference. >> i have no clue as to who is for the brown campaign. >> is that a yes or no? >> i am saying i have not had any interface with the brown campaign. i wouldn't know who is even working for the brown campaign. they haven't contacted me. >> you did not coordinate the announcement with them? >> no. >> any one who thinks that any one can tell me what to do or say obviously is not aware of how i make my decisions. >> on that point i totally agree. >> why didn't meg whitman's campaign back in june 120shgs 9 when they fired nicky diaz do
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something to mitigate what was in some observer's mind devastating revelations? >> that's a new and interesting point that you raise. it did in fact come out that her own staff new she had employed nicky as an undocumented worker for nine years yet they didn't tell the public that. is that because it would reveal that her campaign stance holding employers liable or accountable if they hire or employ undocumented workers would be inconsisntntntntntntntnt back t
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geraldo at large. >> this idea is potentially worth millions of dollars. >> they stole our web site. >> they are saying they stole the facebook. >> sue him in federal court. >> i can't wait to go over your shoulder. >> you invented facebook. >> the social network as you know got a ton of buzz. didn't blowout the weekend's box office. the film about the founding of faith but was number one. at $23 million it was take less than predicted. it's number one but they expected more. especially when you consider it was seen by 35 million people. it was an indication of us not understanding the young audience that lives in the web may be as hard to pin down as the man who invented their favorite web
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site. to learn more about mark zucker burg we look at one of the few objective reporters that spent quality time with a reclusive billionaire. >> joined by david kirk patrick the author of the facebook effect no one is better suited than you to tell us fact from fiction in the social network movie that is causing so much excitement and it's all of the rage in the nation right now. generally speaking would you say it is more fact or fiction in a general sense? >> i would call it about 40 percent fact which is a pernicious reality. it is quite a bit of fact but there's a lot of fiction. i don't even know how you morally justify that myself. >> you think it should be rather than fact based more fiction based with a flash of fact. >> i think when you are dealing with 26-year-old living people who are doing the same thing that the movie is about it is fairly lead thing to be using
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their name the company's real name all that. i don't know how someone justifies that. >> how about as a movie? >> tense from the first minute and keeps the tension alive. as entertainment it is hugely successful. >> first press conference and backstage during the press conference i asked them the necessary question with whether or not his $100 million donation to the new york school system was in path an effort to deflect attention from the social network which portrays him in such a negative way. he answered in a very forthcoming sincere way i was invited by backstage by cory booker the new york mayor and governor who was back there as well chris christie. he freaked out when he saw me. i thought he was going to jump into the arms of his handlers. i extended my hand to shake his hand and it's the first time ever someone refused to shake my
5:34 am
hand and ran out of the room. >> he wouldn't shake your hand? >> he refused ran out of the room wouldn't look at me. he asked what is this about? i wonder is that reflect tive of his pair now roy of being a multi billionaire his security issue what was he reacted to in such a hyper con netic way? >> i can't say because i wasn't there. but i think he frankly is less public than he should be. i think facebook as a company is increasingly already getting in trouble around the world because it is so huge and has so many itch indications in terms of privacy and identity and all kinds of issues that he has no choice but to get out there and be the public spokesman if he is going to be the ceo. >> you believe he has to step up to the plate and be trumpian or -- >> don't say trumpian. gatesian maybe. he could be much better than gates. he's a much more appealing personality than gates.
5:35 am
zuckerberg if you start talking to him and as you he is a pretty nice guy. if he opens up he is appealing. they love him at facebook. he has tremendous loyalty from employees yet the movie portrays him interesting done this to get the attention of some girl that spurned him. he's had to fight girls off all his life. they love him because he's funny and smart and super confident. he has had a girlfriend almost the entire period the movie tells the story of. >> reminus of her name and tell us why he doesn't mary her and buy her a home they are still renting in palo alto. >> her name is priscilla chan. if she wanted all that he might do it they are very committed and i wouldn't be surprised if they got married at some point in the not distant future. he is unmateistic so is she. he rents the house he walks to work, he doesn't have fancy clothes or a fancy car.
5:36 am
what interests him is taking facebook and making it a tool that can be used by everyone on the planet. that is something a lot of people have trouble wrapping their heads around. >> dauf individual kirk patrick thank you very much. >> the bigger reason we heard about mark zucker burg is the $100 million contributing to the failing newark new jersey public school system we are in a bureaucracy hard to fire bad teachers are being blamed for instructing reform like the public schools portrayed in another scathing new film a powerful documentary called waiting for super man. >> anthony goes odds are he will enter high school 3 to 5 grade levels behind. he goes to the first public boarding school in the country. >> call your number. >> bitter sweet to me. if i get in they will give me a
5:37 am
better chance in life. if i don't i will be with my friends. >> by criticizing tenure, teacher tenure and highlighting how difficult it is for school districts to fire those bad teachers the release of waiting for super man and two other powerful documentaries have added to the political pressure on teacher's unions which has been mounting for months now. national attention focuses on charter schools merit pay and other approaches to education that teachers unions generally hate. is the criticism fair? to discuss and debate that point i am pleased to welcome former bush education secretary ron page who joins us from houston. randy wine depart enpresident of teachers here in the studio right now. embattled isn't that fair to say with you and the teachers unions around the country are right now? >> what i care about is actually what all of those teachers and
5:38 am
kids who will be in school tomorrow morning think about and care about and all of those teachers come tonight instead of watching the show are actually doing their lesson plan. so embattled not embattled the real issue is how are we going to when we are trying to transcend to a global economy help all kids become "problem solvers"s and critical thinkers. it's great mark zuckerberg gave the donation. i met with cory booker this week about it. >> mayor of newark. >> ultimately as secretary of education rod paige knows, there is no silver bullet in education. part of what is concerning me is that their charter schools are not so bullet. ultimately we believe we shouldn't have bad teachers. there is no epidemic of bad teachers in the united states of america. there is a complicated tough
5:39 am
strategy in terms of helping all kids who achieve. there are a lot of great public schools that know how to do it and charter schools that know how to do it. take the best of the best replicating it for all kids. >> charter schools generally speaking are nonunion but the wrath of the teachers unions because the teachers in the charter schools would not be under their jurisdiction. >> although we have -- >> opening statement from secretary page. you heard randy say there was no epidemic of this country of bad teachers. what say you? >> there is no silver bullet. >> that is a fact that i think even randy has to acknowledge they have the most powerful political force in education today. they use that force to protect their members not necessarily
5:40 am
throu throughedcation for children. -- through education for children. >> you do represent 1.5 million unionized teachers. that's an enormous motivated intelligent voting block the allegation from the republicans on the right is the reason the democrats have left you alone is because of the political power you represent. >> this is not about political power. this is about how do we do about all kids that succeed. what we see in america would is surprise you only about half of the school districts in america have teacher union contracts. most of these teacher union contracts are done between manage am and labor. take tenure for a second tenure is due process. >> due process. it's not a job for life it shouldn't be a job for life.
5:41 am
>> why do you say it's not a job for life effectively. if you get tenure you have got to be convicted of something horrible before you lose your job. it's come to the extent and we have all seen the stories you can't ignore the rubber room so-called where a teacher has been accused of some hideous thing they are not fired because of tenure they are put in a room where they get full pay and benefits do they add to the rubber rooms in the methods of a-judjudicateing whether the per will be fired or not. >> in january i asked ken feinburg who has been busy with bp right now to help us to do what you just suggested. i am very proud of my successor in new york city who came up with away to end that. >> they still exist. >> as far as -- >> what about secretary page's
5:42 am
main point that the union that's what unions do that's what all organizations do you will matly cares most about its members. that's why you are a union. that's why you are a labor leader. >> first of all, i taught in public school in new york city for 6 years. every single day that i taught what i cared about more than anything else was my kids. every single teacher i know has that view. now the bottom line is this. in the twenty-some odd years that i have been toweling trying to help kids, when you help teachers you help kids. when you try to lower class size so teachers can differentiate you are helping kids. when you fight to make sure that kids have equity and excellence you are helping kids. >> are you helping kids when you keep someone on and you fight for them? i have to get to mr. page. >> secretary you come in -- whatever point you want our
5:43 am
teachers over unioniunionized? >> schools are in fact over unionized. i think probably the only institution i can think of enterprised in the united states would be more unionized in schools would be the post office. schools are over unionized. it's not the only problem schools have. but we haveo expect that this is really a problem that you deal with. >> follow up question. do you agree with governor chris christie that the biggest problem in public school today is the tooepers union? >> -- teachers union. >> one of the biggest problems in schools today is the schools are over unionized. >> the bottom line is, if that was true -- >> what do you think about chris christie? >> i have a lot of admiration for rod. >> i do you, too. >> the best school system in the
5:44 am
world. the best school systems in the united states of america, massachusetts, maryland and minnesota all unionized. the issue is helping our kids. >> neither of those that you mentioned would say they are pleased with where they are. each of them would want to be better and could be better if they were not so heavily unionized. >> secretary page good luck to you. the debate shall continue. coming up he is not watching pornography at his office [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening pla. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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>> if you can't beat them. join them. i wouldn't ever have a conversation with him during football season. >> can 30 million fantasy players be wrong according to
5:47 am
the fantasy sports trade association. that's the number of players in the u.s. and canada alone. that's an astonishing 54 percent increase in just the last two years people admit spending one hour a day thinking about their fantasy football team. which will add one analyst to label the past time the new internet porn for upwardly mobile white collar professionals. espn has a separate division to thi handle it. matthew berry joins us from hartford, connecticut. my grandmother and i love it a bunch of people love it. is it addict tifr in a sense matthew people losing work productivity because they are spending an hour a day usually on the job on their workplace computer. >> i don't think so at all. in fact i think it encourages camaraderie and encourages reaching out and talking to people. companies spend so much on all
5:48 am
of these going to different places. let's have a team build. just have them join a fantasy football league. different departments talking to each other. you saw the study that came out recently from challenger and gray that talks about the fact that no it actually doesn't hurt productivity in the workplace but helps moral helps camaraderie and helps employee retention. >> what do you see as the great attraction? watching the game is one thing but being a pretended coach it is kind of -- i don't know. what is the attraction? >> it's fun. it is fairly simply geraldo it's fun. what it does is it gives awe rooting interest in every single game. if you are a sports fan i am a red skins fan since i was 5 years old. >> did they win today? >> they did. big win. >> i am hoping for michael vi vick's redemption. >> he was hurt. anyway we don't have to
5:49 am
breakdown sports tonight. i will say this. my point is maybe throws a game that you don't really care about. couple games maybe you are not interested in. detroit. detroit and tampa bay are playing one week. who cares about those teams? i have calvin johnson on my team. it gives you a rooting interest in every single game. what it does geraldo do you ever fill out an ncaa bracket through the final four march madness? >> once in a while. i get dragged into it. >> the reason you do it it gives you a rooting interest in every game. you have an interest in the tournament. fantasy football is the same way. >> how much is it going to be worth? quickly? >> it's already worth in the billions and even more. any time you can attract a lot of people good thing. >> thanks very much. matthew berry of espn fantasy league thanks, mate. appreciate it. why would a perfectly successful star willingly subject himself to an excruciating insulting
5:50 am
celebrity roast. look how they said
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5:52 am
5:53 am
>> back live the late median greg geraldo came from nowhere to find fame and fortune in t i weird world of the celebrity host. >> george hamilton the devil signed so many deals with you people he has carpal tunnel syndrome. >> he was judge on last comic standing and rose master general. he was both. >> iced tea is -- ice t is here. you are so old the first thing you bought with your record deal money was your freedom.
5:54 am
on your first album the "n" word was anything -- nigro. >> this is an ugly group of people. giant woman and a bunch of black dudes. i feel like we are doing baby daddy on the mauro po vich show. >> john was married to my favorite lady rebecca romijn o'connell. you lost your wife to the fat kid on stand by me. >> uninhibited. >> john, you are a big ghoulish woman. i am talking to you carrot top. what happened to your face? you look retarded. how did you do that?
5:55 am
how did you find a plastic surgeon who could add a chromosome? >> most often crude. >> what a (bleep) career you have had after you split up cheech became a big tv star and chong went to jail. you are like lance armstrong testicles one of you cruised along one was ripped from the home and finally left to rot in a can. >> i hate to laugh. i hate myself for laughing. just hours after word spread last week greg geraldo died alone in a hotel room fellow comedians gilbert godfrey said was that the great roast? >> when asked about the tweet gilbert said he had trouble expressing his real emotions. he added can't say anything about it now can't worry about him calling and complaining. it's funny but it's wicked first
5:56 am
of all your reflections on greg. >> we are going to miss him. i don't like the characterization he's an insult comic. he is so much more than that he is smart socially relevant. those shows on comedy central get the biggest numbers. this guy went to harvard columbia he had so much to say. >> he insulted you. >> we have an argument one night he called me a dummy. you went to harvard and columbia i have a degree in business management. >> why wouldn't wasn't he morel in mainstream? >> it takes a long time. it takes a long time and he had plenty of deals that fell through. you look at george clooney's resume did 20 pilots before his first show came on. >> here he is dying alone of a drug overdose in a hotel room.
5:57 am
>> to be a median it's lonely world. he had one year where his dad passed away he had a couple shows that fell through. this guy is mentally tough but we know this is how he was getting by self medicating. i don't know. >> what is it about insult comedy at that makes us laugh even though we hate ourselves doing it. >> i don't know. i sleep like a baby when i hear a great insult. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking, "i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough,
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au>> good morning, every un. hope you had a great weekend. word from the u.s. government of yet another terror plot. only this one hasn't been foiled. latest on the plans targeting americans visiting landmarks in europe. >> meanwhile, the democrats' new slogan, you don't have to like us. just vote for us, please! >> counts the same as a wildly enthusiastic vote. >> really? well, will that do the trick and get people to the polls? we'll talk about that>> i think lombardi said the same thing before he got his packers fired up. what's this? they're actually toasting people's skin. and you probably never noticed. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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